Submitting Music

We are seeking music submissions to play on WSPJ-LP radio programs. Our focus is to spotlight local talent but we are also seeking music from outside the area that meets our programming goals of promoting independent and less popular music not already widely heard on local airwaves.

Please note that it can take over 30 days for us to review your music as we need to listen to every track for FCC violations. Since we are a volunteer organization, we have limited capacity as it requires approximately 3 1/2 hours of processing time per CD or album submitted for consideration and possible inclusion in our music library.

Local Music

WSPJ-LP has a mandate to play at least one local artist each hour of the day, every day of the year. Therefore, we are very hungry to get the best and most varied local music we can. We feel strongly that supporting local music is critical to our service to the community, which includes playing that music and promoting local shows and music venues as well. Our service area is Syracuse and Onondaga County, so that's what we consider "local" for our purposes. This can include recorded live performances and also live performances we host in our studio and around town. If any of this interests you, we encourage you to contact us to talk about submissions or if you desire to help us promote local music!

How we define "local" music:

  • Music written by local artists, performed by local artists, played in a local venue.
  • Music played by local artists in a local venue.
  • Music written by local artists, played by local artists in a non-local venue.
  • Music played in a local venue by non-local musicians.
  • Music that was influenced by a local musician.
  • Music that was recorded in a local studio.
  • Music distributed by a local label.
  • Music, that in some way, reflects local values, history or landscape.